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Afghanistan: US Withdrawal & its Geopolitical Ramifications

In this discussion with Paymana Assad, we unpack the geopolitical ramifications of the US withdrawal from Afghanistan.

(Click image above to open the discussion video)

Councillor Peymana Assad is a first-generation Londoner representing Roxeth, South Harrow on the London Borough of Harrow Council. She came to the UK as a child refugee and upon her election in 2018 became the first person of Afghan origin elected to any public office in the UK. Currently she serves as the Cabinet Member for Community Cohesion, Crime and Enforcement. Peymana has worked extensively across the charity sector on gender, peace and security in the Global South and sat on boards for British charities working across Afghanistan and South Asia. She is an Obama Leader of Europe 2020, a Founder of the Labour Foreign Policy Group and a former Parliamentary candidate.

Arpit Chaturvedi, Jasmine Mehta, Sylvia Mishra, and Neha Dewan from the IWIR team discuss the various aspects of the US withdrawal in this detailed conversation.

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