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From the desk of our co-chair....

"In August 2021, IWIR completed one year. This year IWIR achieved milestones of leading discussions with top experts on a range of national and international security issues. An idea and theme that ran through all the conversations is the importance and need to spotlight the works of women in International Relations (IR), promote emerging scholars, and build a talent pipeline that will continue to shape security, politics, and the future of the coming decades. At IWIR we are so proud to bring to global attention the rich expertise and creative ideas of Indian women and scholars, experts, professionals, students in IR. As we continue our endeavors towards strengthening the voices and works of Indian women, we are grateful for all the support that we have received. In 2022, our goal and commitment towards IWIR will hopefully see many of you interested and invested in our efforts too, to build a stronger, richer, and diverse field of IR where women and other underrepresented groups are equal stakeholders in shaping national security discourse."

- Sylvia Mishra, Co-Chair, IWIR

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