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Informative and Mentoring Sessions: International Relations

27th - 30th July

In July, we organized the event 'Informative & Mentorship Sessions' - an opportunity for anyone with an interest in the field of IR to engage with the experiences of an incredible panel of academics and practitioners in IR.

Each session featured a key theme and speakers addressed questions on academic, professional or other possibilities within IR and the ways to approach them.


Shagun Gupta - PhD student in International Relations- School of International Service (SIS), American University, Washington, D.C

Shruti Balaji - PhD researcher- Department of International Relations, LSE | Deputy Editor, Millennium: Journal of International Studies

Sana Hashmi- Visiting Fellow, Taiwan-Asia Exchange Foundation

Tanea Bandhopadhyay- Associate at Ikigai Business Consulting

Priyanka Chandra-Teaching Fellow, Ashoka University| PhD, West Asian Studies, Politics & International Relations

Smita Singh- Assistant Committee Officer-Committee on External Affairs, Parliament of India

Ambika Vishwanath- Co-Founder and Director, Kubernein Initiative

Rhea Mahanta- Civil Affairs Officer at United Nations Mission In South Sudan (UNMISS)

Ruhee Neog- Director, Institute of Peace and Conflict Studies

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